Fresh Truffles

Hallucinogenic truffles, also known as sclerotia, grow underground. To put it briefly, we could say that hallucinogenic truffles are nothing but a hardened mass of mycelium in some types of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Hallucinogenic truffles are 30% dry matter, against the 10‰ of hallucinogenic mushrooms, or, in other words, hallucinogenic truffles are 70% water. The appearance as well as the taste of hallucinogenic truffles is very different from hallucinogenic mushrooms and much easier to ingest. For some users, hallucinogenic truffles taste similar to breakfast cereals. These truffles became trendy in Holland when, in late 2008, fresh hallucinogenic mushrooms were forbidden. Dried mushrooms had already been prohibited due to a great number of tourist intoxication cases. It seems that, since the prohibition of hallucinogenic mushrooms, the number of intoxications has decreased, some experts explain: “they come for the weekend and want to do it all, eat hallucinogenic mushrooms, visit coffee shops, which is not the most appropriate place to trip with mushrooms”. Hallucinogenic truffles can be taken in many ways; however, one of the most effective consists in preparing it with tea. Make some tea, add juice from a medium size squeezed lemon, let the tea rest for ten minutes and then add the truffles. Leave the truffle tea settle for ten more minutes, stir it occasionally and it is ready. Now all you have to do is drink the tea as you slowly chew on the truffles. When you receive the truffles, you ought to put them in the fridge; the ideal temperature to store fresh hallucinogenic truffles is between 2 and 4 degrees Celsius. At Edabea, we do not recommend keeping them for more than 10 days, even though they endure time they can start deteriorating. If you want to conserve the truffles for longer, the best way is to dry them. You can use a similar method to the one used for hallucinogenic mushrooms, once they are dry you can put them in a plastic bag with zip lock (the ideal is to store them vacuum-packed) and stock them in a dark cool place, if they are completely dry you can also freeze them. If you cannot put them in the fridge, the hallucinogenic truffles will start to deteriorate very quickly. It is not advisable to keep them out of the fridge for longer than 7 days from the day you received them. Keep them in the coolest place possible and dark. In case you have to keep them for more than 7 days and you cannot put them in the fridge, you need to dry them.

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