The bottle contains 0.28 liters of colonized substrate, which will gradually form truffles.

From the date of receipt we must count between 12 and 20 weeks before collecting the truffles.

We write down the collection date on the calendar and put the jar in a dark and clean place at a temperature between 20 and 24ºC. We must avoid fluctuations in temperature and bear in mind that a temperature that is too low delays the growth of the truffles and a temperature that is too high could cause contamination.

The collection date has arrived.

We take the pot to the sink and with the help of a spoon we empty all its contents.

With the help of our hands we separate the truffles from the substrate and put the truffles in a container with cold water.

Now with the help of a toothbrush we rub the truffles and try to leave them as clean as possible, it is about removing the substrate, not making them shine.

What could be done with them now?

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