The salvia divinorum is known by many people as “The herb of the gods”, is a Bush which is from Mexico, concretely from the Oaxaca area. The great fame of this bush is produced due to the discovery of its high hallucinogenic properties. Well, these hallucinogenic properties are not new, as our ancestors, concretely from the era of the Mazatec Indian tribes (some many centuries ago) as they already knew how to use, and very well, the hallucinogenic properties of this natural element.

It has been used in rituals to communicate with spectres; it has been used to do introspective travels and it is very valued due to its capacity of generating a good “travel”. The salvia divinorum is one of the products with a hallucinogen effect which has a higher reputation level.

The psychoactive effects of the salvia divinorum come from the active ingredient which it has, that is, the denominated Salvinorin-A. This active ingredient is of an extremely potent action as it is about a psychotropic molecule of high impact, but with an exception that makes it different from the rest of the active ingredients: it is not alkaloid.

The special properties of the salvia divinorum make it that although it is a natural hallucinogen, it has a behaviour essentially different from the one produced by the other hallucinogenic products. The effects of the salvia divinorum are different from the other products as in them it is not common that the consumer experiment high degrees of euphoria or excitement, but on the contrary, with the salvia divinorum what it is achieved is states of trance which lead to deep introspections in which the person can feel true feelings of anguish and fear which make them reach to the deepest of ourselves, to know our own limits. Well, this is not at odds with that in many occasions the effect is also the opposed and it is mixed with periods of an uncontrolled laugh of the consumer.

In short, the salvia divinorum provides states of silence and quiet, stages of discoveries. So much so that many shamans use them to treat ill people with different ailments. We can’t confirm or deny the suitability or of this activity of the in the treatments for the illnesses with the salvia divinorum, for this purpose it is sufficient to look for abundant literature about it, but the aforementioned, that is the use of the shamans is an objective reality which has been used since hundreds of years so it is an undeniable reality.

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