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  • 2,55 €

    Concave steel screens with concave recess, allowing easy filling and refilling and avoiding accidental spilling. Five screens per package. 3 options to choose: 12,7mm, 15mm and 20mmIdeal for conical bowls.

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  • 14,95 €

    This great product is designed by activist and vaporizer pioneer Eagle Bill to make vaporization available to everyone. He came up with the "shake and vape" based on ancient Egyptian methods of using hot stones to hold the temperature necessary for the vaporization of aromatherapy herbs.

    14,95 €
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  • 12,50 €

    With this little Manual Glass Vaporizer you can smoke your favorite mixes without inhaling harmful fumes. Ideal for extractions.     Height: 15cm     Mouth Diameter: 22mm     Diameter: 6cm

    12,50 €
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  • 2,45 €

    Conical steel screens for bongs and pipes.Conical steel screens with a diameter of 14,5 mm.Four small screens per pack.

    2,45 €
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  • 13,95 €

    THCleaner is the latest and greatest cleaning formula for nearly all your headshop and vaporizer paraphernalia. The advanced formula allows you to effortlessly clean glass, metal and acrylic materials.

    13,95 €
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  • 41,74 €

    Vaporizer Crystal Ball, easy to use, which will take advantage more your marijuana. Easy to use, sturdy wooden base, temperature controller and rubber mouthpiece terminated crystal.

    41,74 €
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  • 11,50 €

    Probably every stoner has, at some point, been in a situation where sinking to their knees and crying in total desperation was the only option because some stupid plastic baggie didn't close properly and has now dried out all the herb that was in it.

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  • 16,95 €

    With this small, hand-held vaporizer it is possible to enjoy your favorite smokables without inhaling the damaging smoke. The vaporizer is made of almost unbreakable space age glass and consists of a bulb (diameter 5 cm) and a tube (10 cm) joined together by a plastic cap. The only thing you need is a lighter and something to vaporize.

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  • 16,50 €

    Proto Vape Pocket Pipe & Vaporizer is based on the original pure pipe from way back in the 1960s.

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