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Barney's Farm Feminized

Barney's Farm is a world leader in the production of feminized marijuana strains. Thanks to the research and testing of this type of plants, many professionals have worked over the years to offer the best results and thus be able to plant quality marijuana.

What are feminized marijuana seeds?

Barney's Farm feminized cannabis and marijuana seeds are genetically modified variants that are grown in a special way to eliminate the male chromosomes in order to produce only female plants. This is important because only females produce flowers suitable for consumption. In addition, they contain very high THC concentrations.

How are marijuana seeds feminized?

There are several ways to feminize marijuana seeds. First, the marijuana plant can be sprayed with colloidal silver while it is growing and moving into the flowering stage.

Secondly, similar to the first method, you can spray the plant with silver thiosulfate so that it ends up producing only feminized cannabis seeds.

Thirdly, there is the process of rodelization, a natural technique by which an unpollinated female plant can pollinate itself.

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