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We have the objective "100% satisfied customers", you can read some opinions here.

The online Grow shop sells products solely and exclusively for ornamental use, botanical study of the species or collecting. The products sold on this website ARE NOT INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.

The uses and customs that some indigenous tribes of the planet make of the products described on this website are for informational purposes only. At no time do we encourage the consumption of these products, only the knowledge of them. is not responsible for the misuse that may be given to any of the products sold on this website.

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In order to place an order you must register with a valid email address and telephone number, otherwise WE WILL NOT SEND YOUR ORDER.

The sale to minors under 18 years of age is not allowed.

Edabea is a distributor that sells a variety of products solely for ornamental use, botanical study or for collectors. They are not intended for personal consumption.

If you browse our website you can see our entire range of products. In Edabea you can find:

Cannabis: feminized marijuana, grinders, vaporizers, scales, grow kits, all kinds of papers, extractors, pipes, lighters, propagators, bongs...

Cacti: peyote, san pedro, seeds, accessories...

strong>Seeds: tobacco, feminized marijuana, auto marijuana…

Tobacco: electronic cigarettes, rolling machines, filters, paper, seeds...

Others: books, capsules, scales, kits, gels, tubes, batteries, keyrings, tests, pots...

We are an online store that provides a wide range of products. At Edabea we offer the highest guaranteed quality. A serious, responsible and rigorous online grow service for the total satisfaction of our customers.

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Once you have placed your order, you will receive the order between 24 and 48 hours (peninsula and Balearic Islands) from its dispatch by postal parcel. We also offer service to Ceuta, Melilla, the Canary Islands, the rest of Europe and America, check the conditions in the "shipping" section. Orders are insured and we offer maximum discretion (there are no signs or clues about the content on the outside of the packages). If the order does not arrive or arrives in poor condition, we will replace your order at no cost for you.

At Edabea we provide multiple forms of payment so that you can choose the most comfortable and satisfactory for you: cash on delivery, bank transfer or via Bitcoin. In addition, we offer a variety of discounts and offers to customers of our online grow shop to thank them for their loyalty through our catalog of points.

Important notices of your Grow shop online

We must point out that the uses and customs that some indigenous tribes develop with the products described here are for informational purposes only. Under no circumstances do we encourage the consumption of these products, we simply offer diverse knowledge of their use and origin in various fields.

In order to place an order you must register with an email address and a valid phone number, otherwise we will not send your order.

Browse our web portal! You will find an extensive catalog of products (seeds, plants and tools) of great variety and quality. Our experience in the sector supports us. Edabea is your grow shop distributor.

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