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Kit Red Boy 100x100 mycelium
Kit Red Boy 100x100 mycelium
Kit Red Boy 100x100 mycelium
Kit Red Boy 100x100 mycelium
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Kit B+

Kit Red Boy 100x100 mycelium

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Mushroom culture kit psilocybe cubensis Red Boy 100x100 mycelium.

So far it is the only strain in our range that produces red spores.
Its origin is unknown, although it is said to be a Redboy-PR hybrid, it is also said to have been resurrected from a 20 year old spore print.
Thick, short stems, dark cap that sometimes fails to open.

Do not immerse in water before setting to fruit.


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Origin and Characteristics:
Red Boy, a unique strain of Psilocybe Cubensis:
It was discovered in the state of Florida, USA, in 1982. Its uniqueness lies in the production of reddish coloured spores, a rare phenomenon in nature.

Production of reddish-coloured spores:
Unlike most strains of Psilocybe Cubensis, which tend to produce black or purple spores, Red Boy surprises with its ability to generate red spores, making it a highly desirable specimen for mycologists and hobbyists alike.

Vigorous and rapid growth:
Red Boy is known for its vigorous growth and rapid colonisation. It produces mushrooms with large, dark cream-coloured caps, adorned with white speckles, giving it a distinctive appearance similar to Amanita muscaria, although its effect is totally different.

Popularity in the 1990s:
In its heyday during the 1990s, Red Boy was a popular strain among researchers and growers of hallucinogenic mushrooms. However, its fame was overshadowed when the strain suddenly disappeared from the market, leaving many wondering about its whereabouts.

Resurgence from an old spore print:
Despite its disappearance, Red Boy returned to the mainstream thanks to a spore print that was over 20 years old. This event demonstrated the remarkable longevity and resilience of this strain's spores, which revitalised interest in its cultivation and study.

Mild psychedelic effects:
Red Boy's effects are known to be mild compared to other psychedelic mushroom strains. It provides relatively mild visual experiences and an overall sense of well-being, making it an ideal choice for those new to the world of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Cultivation recommendations:
Red Boy is a relatively easy strain to grow, making it suitable for novice and experienced growers alike. It grows well in a variety of substrates, such as manure, straw and various grains. It is recommended to maintain colonisation temperatures between 28-30 °C and fruiting temperatures between 18-27 °C to optimise growth and yield.

Valued for its abundant growth:
Growers appreciate Red Boy's ability to produce abundant harvests in a relatively short time. Its vigorous growth and large size make it a popular choice among those seeking high-quality psychedelic mushrooms.

Ideal for new users:
With its mellow effects and mild visuals, Red Boy is especially suited to those who are exploring the effects of psychedelic mushrooms for the first time. It offers a gentle introduction to the world of psychedelia, allowing users to experience expanded consciousness and introspection in a safe and controlled manner.

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