The origin of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is a millenary combination of plants that has been used by the inhabitants of Amazonia for centuries. Different tribes, spread out by Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Brazil, are committed to the creation and use of this blend (Ayahuasca), because it is where the plants are grown and cultivated. The word “ayahuasca” comes from Quechua and it means “rope of the dead”. It is a combination of specific plants that result in this ancient blend. This composition is used in rites, in medicine or in religious rituals of the amazon natives. The characteristics of this ancient mix have been studied for many years in various areas and branches (medicine, pharmacology, psychology), so as to treat a variety of problems and disorders. It is evident that it constitutes a very effective therapy in various fields, favouring some relevant aspects in each person.

This plant has numerous effects. Anthropologists say that this mixture gives the possibility of connecting with other dimension levels. The various amazon tribes use ayahuasca as a method to rebalance and stabilize a person by acting on its conscience. We must note that only a shaman or spiritual guide can use this mixture in a process of “cure”. Its use is rather therapeutic, not hallucinogenic. It is about a journey inside yourself led by specialized guides. The native tribes, when doing this ritual, advise a vegetable and fruit based diet on the previous days, and recommend fasting on the day of the ceremony. It is a difficult ceremony, which bears a great learning of life. The person comprehends and lives other worlds. The sensorial ability is intensified. It is a supersonic journey. It is a way of cleansing our own “self”, to know our “self” entirely. A profound introspection.

Ayahuasca in the World
Multiple studies about its mechanism, proprieties, and effects (among other matters), have proven that it is one of the most important natural and cultural heritages of the World. In some countries of South America its application is legally recognized in traditional and religious ceremonies. It is a non-addictive component, although a doctor should advise its use and dosage. Many areas (mainly in health) study ayahuasca as an instrument to treat illnesses as: anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, and detoxifications...
Its extraordinary power as well as its importance in the multiplicity of cultures and civilizations, makes this substance one of the most appreciated richness of our Nature and of great potential. Ayahuasca provides and provokes unprecedented mental states of great intensity; many of those still incomprehensible to science so, for that, the importance of the incessant studies that are taking place to reveal all its potential. Thus, it is a resource and a contribution, psychotherapeutically and psychoanalytically, of great importance for health, history, philosophy and culture.





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