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> How do I place an order?

> How do I delete my user account and all the data associated with it?


> Can you notify me when a product is back on stock?

> How much does a particular item cost?

> A product takes time out of stock, when will you have it back in stock?

> I'm looking for a specific product, can you supply it?

> I want to buy large quantities, can you give me a better price?


> Can you give me a discount bonus?

> The payment with card does not work, it gives me "payment error"

> I do not see some payment method when I will finish the order

> Can I use a payment method other than those described above?

> What methods of payment do we accept?

> What are the details of your bank account?


> Can I collect my order from somewhere other than my home address?

> Do you ship orders to my country?

> What if my order gets returned?

> Do you ship with insurance in case my order does not arrive?

> From where do you ship?

> Can I pick up my order at your warehouse?

> What happens if I have not received my order?

> Is it possible to choose a delivery time?

> Can you use another transport company for delivery?

> How much does the shipping cost to my country?

> Where can I find my tracking code?

> How long does shipping take to my country?

> Do you ship orders with a tracking code?

> How will I know that my order has been shipped?

> Can I collect my order from somewhere other than my home address?

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