We know the Kanna (also called canna or channa) and dried plant material of Sceletium tortuosum, a small plant native to South Africa. Hundreds of years ago that the Hottentots (Khoikhoi) chew, snort or smoke the Kanna. The Dutch who arrived in South Africa call for 'kaugoed' which means chewy substance.

The most important effects of kanna are relieving anxiety and stress, deepening of social relations, increased self confidence and euphoria. At higher doses, it can produce light visions. Chewing Kanna shortly after cannabis smoking can greatly enhance the effects of cannabis.

Kanna can be used as a psychedelic you can snort, smoke, chew or make tea. Mesembrina and mesembrenona are the two main alkaloids in Kanna. To make the fresh leaves are suitable for snorting, the level of oxalic acid in the leaves is minimized using the special traditional procedure, turn them into powder.

Kanna is increasing. In the search for a healthy and natural life, and safe alternative to help eliminate forms stress, anxiety and depression, it is becoming important. Kanna has shown promising qualities in this regard, and is often recommended by naturopathic docto

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