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    Sugar Loaf is the result of crossing an Indica mother brought from Pakistan, and the best male of Capricho (a stabilized hybrid of Manali x Colombian ) of the  Cannabiogen collection: it is an F1 hybrid strain of marijuana, with an incredible force.

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    The package includes two seeds in each of the following varieties:Purple MéxicanPanamaHighland Nepal

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    Destroyer from Cannabiogen is a 100% sativa strain. It comes from the Meao Thai a very stable and early hybrid from Mexico / Colombia. A backcrossing between two of the best varieties of CBG. It has been very complicated and it took more than 7 years to obtain the desired result.

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Cannabiogen feminized marijuana seeds available to buy here. A selection of various mixes of different fresh Cannabiogen marijuana seeds coming directly from the most exotic parts of the world, all which have been subjected to a rigorous process of selection, improvement and stabilization with the aim to preserve the largest number of varieties from indigenous crops from all parts of the globe. Find in EDABEA, your Grow Shop Online, the feminized Cannabiogen seeds with the guaranteed freshness and trust.