The peyote cactus is a very well-known and famous cactus due to its psychoactive alkaloids and its psychedelic effects. This cactus, which has been denominated by some people as “the divine cactus”, is without any kind of doubt a very interesting and attractive specie.

The peyote is part of the cactaceae and it is an endemic specie of Mexico and also of a very concrete part of Texas, in the USA. As well as the rest of the cactus, the peyote grows in desert areas and has a great resistance.

The shape of this cactus (which is not very big) is globular and it is green with certain blue tones which gives it a tone and a very special character. It is also very important to mention that the peyote can have other tones, especially in more desert areas, due to the solar action and the dust which is accumulated on it. In these situations it is not strange to this cactus between a white and red colour.

The commonly known as peyote has some hallucinogen effects which can result very persistent and intense. Its range of effects and according to the person and the kind of consumption its effects can last from some 10 hours up to several years, concretely to some 4 days. One of the high points of the effects of the peyote is at 4 hours after its consumption, at those moments the effects of the peyote cactus can be directly the same as the LSD could produce.

Of course, so that the effects of the peyote cactus can be similar to the ones of the LSD the level of intake should be of high doses, as it is in high doses when the effects have their highest expression. In not so high doses, the effects of the peyote are basically of relaxation and tranquillity, of perception of a beautiful reality around us, in short, in this case some effects which don’t differ from the effects produced by other kind of mushrooms that also have this kind of property.

One last thing about the peyote cactus. Each person should know how to interiorise and visualise that the concrete effects in their own body as while for a great number of people the substances of the peyote make them closer to the most intimate spiritually, other people live the action of the cactus peyote with a less transcendent perception and with higher level of nervousness.

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