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Magic Mushrooms



The use of mushrooms in food, as well as in medicine, it is deeply rooted in the majority of cultures since the beginning of humanity. With little work and resistance, it is possible to cultivate hallucinogenic (magic or psychedelic) mushrooms in your garden. Medicinal hallucinogenic mushrooms and ornamental luminescent fungi are very flashy. In order to get more information about the cultivation techniques of hallucinogenic mushrooms and buy cultivation tools please visit our website frequently. Generally, magic mushrooms are ingested, the main component is psilocybin, which exists, in both dry and fresh mushrooms or in powder (capsules). 

You could also take it in a tea. The usual doses of hallucinogenic mushrooms vary between 4 to 10 milligrams, however, it is difficult to control it due to the active quantity of hallucinogens in the fungus, which differs widely according to the species, strength and the condition of the mushrooms. These mushrooms have been consumed, for thousands of years, in religious rituals of the indigenous culture of Mexico and Central America. The recreational users of today see them as a hallucinogenic smoother and natural. These users speak of sensations of light euphoria and a tremble feeling, as physical symptoms. They also say that these mushrooms provide a greater sensibility for music and visual senses. 

Great variety of hallucinogenic mushrooms 


The small doses of hallucinogenic mushrooms (from 4 to 8 mg.) produce effect within half an hour, and lasts for 4 to 5 hours. The effects may include physical and mental relaxation, tiredness, sensations of separation of the surrounding environment, sensation of physical heaviness and lightness, change of mood and distorted perceptions. Mistaking the identification of the mushrooms is one of the biggest dangers of its consumption. It is difficult to know if the hallucinogenic mushrooms are psilocybin fungus because, poisonous mushrooms can also cause hallucinogenic effects. The symptoms caused by toxic hallucinogenic mushrooms include stomachache, vomit, and diarrhoea. Poisonous hallucinogenic mushrooms can cause death. It is also hard to determine what kind of mushrooms one has and the quantity of active hallucinogens that each mushroom has. To reduce the risk of having a dangerous experience, it is safer to take a small amount of hallucinogenic mushrooms and wait for the effects. The negative outcomes of consuming magic mushrooms are anxiety, confused and disorganised thoughts and feeling of panic. 

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