Acrylics Pipes

Acrylic pipes are made of a resistant material that does not break easily, so you can use them without any problem, they will hold quite a lot, but they are not unbreakable.  


Acrylic pipes are ideal if you are looking for a resistant pipe that does not weigh much and is economical. Their characteristics make them easy to transport, so they will be great to take on trips or parties.  


Acrylic material, also known as plexiglass, is a type of plastic also used as a substitute for glass. It is a very moldable material which allows it to take any kind of shape.  


Summary advantages of acrylic pipes: 

- They are economical 

- Lightweight and easy to carry 

- Sturdy and durable 

- Perfect for travel 

- Available in different shapes and sizes 

- Easy to clean 


If durability and price are important to you, acrylic pipes are what you are looking for.  


In Edabea our experience tells us that most cannabis smokers when they start, usually opt for an acrylic pipe for its price and resistance. 

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