In Edabea, payments by card are managed by an external company, which accepts or denies them, always based on safety criteria. This company only accepts Visa and Master Card, does not accept gift card, pre-payment or the like.
After entering the numbers of your card, the date and the code of 3 figures that appears in the back of your card, a new window should open in the browser, that new window usually belongs to the entity of your Card (to your bank) and they will ask you to set the extra keys, normally they will provide you with a code to use your coordinates card, without this last step your payment will be rejected and if you do not know what we are talking about, Is that your card is not "secure" for online purchases (although you have done them previously), the only option to be able to solve it is to talk to your bank and explain the problem, we can not do anything to solve it.

Master Card

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