Microdoses of Magic Mushrooms
    Microdoses of Magic Mushrooms
    Microdoses of Magic Mushrooms
    Microdoses of Magic Mushrooms

    Microdosis de Hongos Mágicos

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    Microdosis de Hongos Mágicos, escrito por Xosé F. Barge.

    Las microdosis de psiquedélicos han adquirido una creciente popularidad durante los últimos años, especialmente en países anglófonos.

    Only available in Spanish.

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    Books such as James Fadiman's The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide (2011) or What a Great Day. Taking LSD in Microdoses Changed My Life (2017), by Ayelet Waldman, have brought microdosing to the general public and mass media.

    Ben Sessa called it The Psychedelic Renaissance (2012), a renaissance that many of us are not a part of, as we have never stopped relating to and interacting with these wonderful substances, but one that does seem to be taking place in terms of scientific interest, medical application, and the growing use of psychedelics.
    Microdosing Magic Mushrooms was born with the intention of bringing the reader closer to the microdosing of psilocybin mushrooms, specifically Psilocybe cubensis. The idea, originally, was to inform about the cultivation of mushroom loaves and the microdosing of psilocybes, but it grew to become the book you have in your hands: a historical and descriptive review, a cultivation manual, a guide to microdosing and a handful of testimonials from users, plus a chronology and a glossary that will help the uninitiated to understand a little better this wonderful world.

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