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The Rosin Hash is something relatively new. This new technique has come to stay and to revolutionize the world of the cannabinoids extractions. Does not yet have you tasted?

What is Rosin Hash?

The Rosin Hash is a simple extraction technique and away from the chemicals. In fact, its two fundamental principles are: pressure and heat. In the same way as with the butane hash oil (BHO), this technique is intended to achieve a resinous matrix of cannabinoids. The result can reach high percentages of THC that naturally would be impossible; in fact these cannabis products may reach 90 % of THC.



Rosin to shatter, wax, or honeycomb

Bearing in mind that all of these techniques result in products of an impressive quality when you do well, the difference lies in the use of chemicals. Despite the fact that the gas used is fairly innocuous does not cease to be a hazardous chemical. It is difficult to ensure that the end result of a solvent extraction is free of these chemicals used. For this reason, the rosin is the refinement of the extractions. It is a clean method that we use only heat and pressure.



How do the Rosin prepare?

To extract cannabinoids using this technique, we do not need many things, in any case, nothing too difficult to achieve. With baking paper (free of wax) and hair plates we will have almost everything you need. In addition to this, we also need something with which we can exercise a great deal of pressure without bursting the plates of the hair. A few screws can be a good solution. 

Once we have gathered all the necessary we can start:

We put the plant organic material on the role of oven, covered it with another portion of this paper and prepare the plates of the hair. The temperature to work with this technique goes from 100º to 160º. The different temperatures and pressures with different pascals will result in a wide range of textures. These can remember, in some cases, with those produced by other techniques with solvents.

There will be pressure on both sides to exercise maximum pressure to be able to help us, to do this, tightening screws. The weather is still an element of discord because what can be read in specialized forums does not point toward consensus. There are people who only apply this technique for a few seconds and others beyond the minute. This will very much depend on the temperature, the amount of organic material plant and the pressure that we are able to achieve through this rudimentary use of the technique.

Once we have made the procedure we will start to the collection of the product. With a metal utensil, for example, we are starting these pieces that have been attached to the role of oven. It will be much easier the more material we are taking.

The conservation of the rosin is similar to that of other extractions. Materials such as silicone or PTFE, whether in sheets or in bottles, it is a very adequate way of preserving this kind of cannabis derived.



Professional Presses

This type of resource we can find today in cannabis clubs and associations. It is pneumatic presses that can be more or less automatic. In general, the provision of these tools consists of two plates with heat areas of different sizes.



These areas are heated and, together with the pressure, it was possible to separate the organic vegetable of the resin formed by cannabinoids.

The product obtained is much more pure than produced by extraction with solvents.  

By Montañesa.

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