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Crop of mushrooms alucinogenas

    This article is headed to people that never have realised crop of mushrooms alucinogenas, because it is a very reliable way to cultivate magic funguses. The first time that use the process of crop of mushrooms alucinogenas, has to follow the instructions exactly, and resist the temptation of innovar. The innovation without experience is the main cause of failure. If it is necessary innovar first consult with somebody that has experience to ensure  that you is not doing something crazy that prejudice the crop of mushrooms alucinogenas. If you has tried this method, but still can not  produce a crop of funguses, there is an easier method, but does not go to produce a so big harvest. To continuation give him a fast description of the procedure of crop of mushrooms alucinogenas. It use a sustrato that consists in flour of integral rice, vermiculita, and water that goes to feed and supply to the mushrooms alucinógenas in pots of paint and  esterilizan in a pot to pressure, or waters boiling. This is to kill anything that can put in danger to the mushrooms. After the sustrato of mushrooms has been esterilizado and has cooled , the spores of funguses add  to the sustrato by means of a full syringe of solution of spores. The spores germinate and colonise the frasco whole full of sustrato.

    In the crop of mushrooms alucinogenas, the spores germinate in a dark place. The resultant of the cakes delete  of the frascos when it is entirely colonised, and places  in a terrario with temperatures acclimatise until the funguses begin to grow from the tortas. After the form of mushrooms, that grow the best with 90-95% of humidity in a place that receives something of light. When mature, harvest  and dry . The funguses that produce  is probably and at least of two to thrice more powerful that the purchase of these to another person. This is due to the funguses are cool and that the crop of mushrooms alucinogenas realised  in optimum conditions. The majority of the mushrooms bought was are of several months of age, or more, and have grown in the open air, wild. In general terms there are 3 ways of crop of mushrooms alucinogenas: easy, difficult and intermediate. For each caaso have investigated and recomendamosuna solution of different providers.You can cultivate magic funguses of simple form simply open the box with the sustrato and the micelio. Ensure that the climate is good and in few weeks you will have his own harvest of funguses.

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