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Pay with Bitcoin is an easy , secure and private way to send online payments without anyone or intermediary bank. Bitcoin is a digital currency that uses secure lines of code. This has led to the existence of a free and decentralized currency available to anyone with Internet access worldwide. You can see the full information about what is Bitcoin and how it works on the following link.

Configure a bitcoin purse:

To make a payment to Edabea with Bitcoin you need to have a Bitcoin purse.
A Bitcoin purse is an easy way to manage your Bitcoins .
There are several ways to have a purse Bitcoin, we'll explain how to have one in Coinbase, currently one of the most reputable merchants bitcoin:

1- Enter to and register by entering your email and password into the appropriate boxes.
2- You will receive a verification email, click on the link.
3- Once you've checked your account and agree to the terms and conditions, you will be possessed of a bitcoin purse. It’s from this purse from which you can send and receive bitcoins.
4- You are to a single step to be able to make payments with bitcoin, you just need to buy some bitcoins, there are many places to do that but I can also do in coinbase.

Some other places to buy bitcoins:

(Here there was a link to another site to buy bitcoins, but an unpleasant prudishness has "asked" us to remove it)

Localbitcoins : :

Ordering in Edabea with bitcoin:

Select bitcoin as payment method. On the last screen the information needed for payment appears: total amount of order in bitcoins and our portfolio bitcoin address  (for each order generated a exclusive address, this address is valid only for this request). You copy the address of our portfolio (you can do it with the right mouse button “Copy”) and the amount bitcoins and send us the payment. Once we receive payment the status of your order changes automatically to “payment made”.