Kuripe Kambo

    Kuripe Kambo

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    Kuripe Kambo for the self-administration of snuff powder, handmade by the Kuntanawa tribe in the Brazilian Amazon.

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    How to use a kuripe
    Load the nose end of the kuripe, carefully transferring a bit of Rapé (for inexperienced users - about the size of a pea) with the palm of your hand.
    Gently tap the V-shaped end against a hard surface to remove any stuck snuff particles or air.
    Take a deep breath, place your mouth on the other end of your kuripe and carefully fit the other end of the kuripe into one of your nostrils.
    Lean forward a bit, close your eyes and blow the Rapé into your nose.
    Enjoy the effect.
    If you need to increase the dose, refill the kuripe and administer through the other nostril (but don't overdo it).
    Lean forward to minimize the resulting snuff dripping down your throat.

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