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Amnesia Mistery 1 seed

Amnesia Mistery

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Unforgettable sativa experience in terms of flavor and effect. A mysterious genetics gives it a huge size and a multitude of flowers.

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Mushroom sensitivity: very low THC 21% CBD 0.3%

COLLECTION: 15 - 20 October 82-90 days inside PRODUCTION: 800gr per plant 400 -500 gr / m2


INDOOR: It is recommended to flower directly from birth by its great vigor. For small spaces it will be necessary to use pruning. Ideal for spaces with moisture problems.

 OUTDOOR: You have to take into account its enormous size. If you want to be discreet, you will have to delay sowing. Pruning or molding are necessary. You have to leave space in the crop for its optimal development. It is ideal for very humid environments or near the beaches.

HYBRIDIZATION Discover the mystery. With Mistery amnesia we take a step forward in the development of the most current sativa genetics. Our best clone of Amnesia was selected and crossed with a mysterious heartthrob from the lush valleys of California. As a result of this union a plant of enormous dimensions arose and with one of the best flowers ever seen. A sativa delight for the expert growers.

PHYSIOLOGICAL DESCRIPTION: It stands out for its powerful growth, not to say enormous. Its strong structure allows Amnesia Mistery to develop more branches than usual. This feature causes it to produce many flowers besides a large central bud typical of sativa varieties. Its powerful growth makes Amnesia Mistery the largest plant in the garden. It occupies a lot of space at the time of being cultivated. In addition, it has a great strength against the attack of any type of fungus.

ORGANOLÉPTIC PROPERTIES: AROMA: In fresh flowers, an aromatic pine sensation predominates, with floral notes of menthol. Once dry, its aroma is enhanced, rich in spicy sensations with tasty notes of liquorice and coffee.

TASTE: We tasted initial notes of acidity with shades of joinery and spicy sensation. The retronasal phase is where we perceive most clearly the strong background to incense. With a vibrant finish, great persistence and a pleasant citrus tone that we want to prolong.

EFFECT: Amnesia Mistery has a very bright cerebral drunkenness that tends to perpetual and easy smile, transporting us to the paradise of hedonism. A clear and immediate effect that awakens our imagination surprisingly. Special for artistic creation. The choice of avant-garde growers.

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